Narcissa (me!)

Church In The Puddle

Church in the Puddle

I remember running hard,
The wind was in my hair.
My feet hurt,
And I ran swiftly and carelessly
To meet my blissful demise.
I could not wait to get there.
We both wore purple in the moonlight,
And when I saw the reflection of
The church in the puddle
I saw my world razed to the ground,
And then I took your hand and smiled.

Poetry Festival Seeks Submissions!!!


For all you poets, old and new, looking to enjoy some poetry and maybe wanting a shot at publication, the LImestone Dust Poetry Festival is now accepting applications for its 2008 Poetry Festival.

It is the only Literary Festival in the state of Alabama devoted exclusively to poets and poetry. So if you're a poet, this could be your time to shine.

For more information and an entry form, go to or  

Deadline for entry is April 1, so hurry!

Prompt 34

Hiya, folks! Sorry I haven't posted in the last couple of weeks. It's crunch time. But, thankfully, I'm almost done with my final exams/papers/portfolios now. Let's celebrate. With a prompt.

This week's prompt is:

danced on my bed

The deadline is Friday, May 12.