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The Write Prompts

Words and Sentences to Spark the Imagination

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The Basics:

Every week a writing prompt is posted. A prompt may be a sentence, a couple of sentences, a short list of objects, a short list of words (consider these buzzwords of sorts), a short list of phrases, or any combination of the above. These prompts must be included, word for word, somewhere in the writer's own creation. For example, if the prompt for the week is:

"He always knew, somehow, that she would shave off all her hair and run off with her grandfather's prized snow globe collection"; lemons; mismatched socks

members would have to include that exact sentence, as well as the objects mentioned, somewhere in the story/poem/essay/song/play. It doesn't matter whether they open the work of writing, are tucked in the middle, form the basis of the plot, or are hidden subtly in a newspaper a character is reading, as long as the prompts are included... somewhere... out there. Be creative!

Members then have a week (until the deadline that is established along with the prompt) to write and post their short works of writing. These can be anything from a fictional short story to a poem to an essay to a play. Constructive criticism is given in the comments.

This week's prompt is:

danced on my bed

The deadline is Friday, May 12.

Our Gallant Mission:

Jacking writer's block in the face. And kicking it in the shins. And throwing it out of a window. At the very least, this community is designed to help spark writers' imaginations and to jump-start or inspire ideas for other writings. What's fascinating is that everyone interprets things differently, so what may move one writer to create a horror story in verse may move another to type up a hyper-real vignette told in the second person. Participants also practice working under certain limits and for a given time frame. Of course, this is, after all, a community –members can communicate and network with fellow writers and, most importantly, have fun in the process!

Rules & Guidelines:

• In each post, the subject should include the prompt number and then the title according to the writer.

Tag each post with the prompt number and with your username. Sample tags might look like: prompt 7, user:rhapsodeeinblue. Here is a list of existing tags for the community.

• If you need to scroll in order to see the whole of your work, use an LJ-cut. Here are instructions on how to make cuts if you don't already know how.

• There is no word limit and there is no maximum. However, if you decide you want to write a short story and you submit a 50-word paragraph, or if, in the course of a week, you churn out a 100-page novella, you will be at a disadvantage because either there isn't enough material for other members to critique, or it's just so freakin' long that no one would ever be willing to read it in one sitting.

• Give your fellow writers feedback! I don't want to see any entries with only me as a reviewer, or entries with no comments at all. After all, you would want your work discussed, wouldn't you?

• Remember, constructive criticism. If you don't like someone's work, give suggestions on how he or she can improve, what needs to be changed, why, and how. If you love something, praise the writer as much as you'd like, but make sure you give reasons behind your compliments; tell the writer why you liked the piece so much, and be specific. (The more specific you are, the better! Quotations and line numbers are your friends when it comes to critiques!)

Fresh Meat!

Okay, perhaps that was a bit too frightening. On the contrary, we are a friendly, warm, and encouraging group of writers, and we strive to make this environment as supportive and open as possible. If you are new to the community, welcome! Fresh faces (figuratively speaking) and new creative minds are celebrated, and, even though we'll certainly get to know you through your work, feel free to introduce yourself by commenting on the welcome entry and either filling out the following or coming up with something of your own:

Writing experience:
What you mostly write:
What do you hope to get from this community?
Anything else you'd like us to know?

Any specific questions can also be directed to the same welcome entry.

The More, the Merrier

Therefore, help us promote this lovely community! (If you do, you will definitely earn brownie points and a special place in my heart.) It will be grand.

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